• The product must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Standards and must be installed
    at least 3.5m away from the pool.

  • Ideal salt levels range between 3000-3500ppm (parts per million). Salt levels below 3000ppm and
    above 4000ppm may damage equipment and void any warranty.

  • A shut-off valve on the inlet or outlet of the cell housing is NOT recommended. If a valve is required,
    it is recommended to install a non-return valve.

  • If you perform a backwash manually (without using the Backwash function on the chlorinator) you must
    turn the chlorinator’s output down to the lowest percentage setting via the “Chlor Setting” function.

  • The pump rating must not exceed 8amps.

  • We DO NOT recommend the use of valves on the inlet or outlet of the cell housing. If you do use a valve
    it is important that the valve cannot deadhead (lock closed) while the pump is running. It is the installer’s
    responsibility to ensure some form of flow control is installed in this instance and it disables the pump.


  • Do not permit children, or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities to use or perform maintenance on this product. To reduce the risk of accidents or incidents, service on the unit should only be performed by your local Pool Pro Professional.

  • Never cover the chlorinator unit with towels or similar. The chlorinator has air vents to keep it cool. Covering the vents may cause damage to the chlorinator.

  • The chlorinator should always be in an undercover area away from the elements.

  • The chlorinator should never be in a closed shed or similar environment near chemicals or fertilisers. Fumes from chemicals and fertilisers may cause damage to the chlorinator and may void the warranty.


  • Annually check all plug connections are tight and in sound condition.

  • The cell may require cleaning if it contains debris or is being used in an area with hard water. Hard water can cause calcium build-up on the cell, the sensor, or the cell plates.

  • Periodically turn the chlorinator off and apply an insect surface spray on the WALL or POST that the chlorinator is mounted to, to keep insects from entering the chlorinator unit. DO NOT spray directly into the air vents or on the chlorinator unit.

Neptune Digital Salt Water Chlorinator