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How do I treat a Green Pool?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The most important thing is to act quickly. Pools do not go green over night, although sometimes it may appear that they have.

Millions of algae spores, too tiny to see, multiply rapidly until there are so many that you can actually see them. As they continue to multiply the pool water gets greener and greener.

Take a sample of your pool water to your Pool Pro Professional who will test the water and give you instructions on how to fix it. They will also ask you how green your pool water is. For example, can you see the bottom of your pool? They also need to know how much water is in the pool, what is the interior of the pool, what brand and type of filtration you have, and the brand and horsepower of your pump. If it is a salt pool, they will need to know the brand and model of your chlorinator.

Remember it has taken some time to get to this stage so it may not get fixed overnight either. Do not allow swimmers in the pool until it has returned to its correct sanitary condition.

The pool will need to be ‘bombed’ (depending on the size of your pool) with at least 20L of Pool Pro Liquid Chlorine and circulated to kill the algae spores. Your Pool Pro Professional will advise you what dosage is required.

Once the algae dies, the residue will need to be brushed from the pool surface so it can be removed by the filtration process or vacuumed out, leaving the pool clean and clear. The pool may need to be flocked using Pool Pro Floc which is a coagulant that causes the particles to drop to the bottom of the pool so they can then be vacuumed to waste.

When using Pool Pro Floc it is imperative to closely follow the directions to ensure a successful outcome. Never add it to a pool that has a cartridge filter without taking the cartridge out, and never add it to a pool with a sand filter unless it is set to recirculate.

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