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How much salt do I add to a salt water pool?

The amount of Pool Pro Salt needed for the salt chlorinator to produce sufficient chlorine varies, depending on the type of chlorinator. A Pool Pro Salt Chlorinator only requires 0.3% salt to make chlorine. To effectively chlorinate a pool most models require only weak salt solutions of between 0.35% to 0.7% (3500ppm to 7000ppm) - ppm means parts per million. These levels are between one fifth to one tenth of the level of salt in sea water. The average is 3.5% although this varies slightly from ocean to ocean.

The manufacturers’ recommendations should be strictly followed to avoid damage to the chlorinator and to insure adequate chlorine production.  Replacement salt is only required to replace normal consumption and loss from filter backwashing, splash-out and any overflow due to rainfall.

Check out the Pool Pro Salt Calculator at the bottom of this article. Keep in mind that different brands of chlorinators work on different levels of salt. 

There are many different brands of Salt Chlorinators on the market, but when you install a Pool Pro Salt Chlorinator you can rest assured that you are installing a high quality, reliable chlorinator that is backed up with professional advice and servicing. Contact your Pool Pro Professional who can advise you of the correct size of chlorinator for your pool. 


In addition to standard Salt Chlorinators, Pool Pro also offers a self cleaning chlorinator. Although these chlorinators are almost maintenance-free, all chlorinators require cleaning periodically to remove calcium deposits which build up on the electrodes as a result of the electrolysis process. This cleaning is usually accomplished by soaking the electrodes in Pool Pro Salt Cell Cleaner. This product, unlike some available, is not Hydrochloric Acid based. Cleaning your cell with Hydrochloric Acid based cleaners decreases the life of your cell.NB. The manufacturers’ instructions should be strictly adhered to regarding cleaning, to avoid damage to the assembly. 


The requirements for chemical balance are the same for salt pools as for traditionally chlorinated pools. Remember your Pool Pro Salt Chlorinator is just a mini chlorine plant; it simply manufactures chlorine for you. Total Alkalinity, pH, Calcium Hardness and Chlorine levels should be checked regularly. Pool Pro Stabiliser (isocyanuric acid) should always be added to the pool and maintained at approx 30-50ppm, to reduce chlorine loss due to UV rays.

During periods of high bather load or very hot weather, it may be necessary to manually supplement with Pool Pro Liquid Chlorine or Pool Pro Stabilised Chlorine to maintain correct levels. Regular super chlorination or shock dosing with Pool Pro Clean and Clear should be carried out.

WARNING: When using salt chlorinators with gas or electric heaters and heat pumps, care should be taken to ensure the production of chlorine is adjusted to suit the spa or pool, as the heater's internal components can be damaged by excessive salt and/or chlorine levels. This is particularly important when operating for extended periods during heat-up. The cell is always placed after heaters.Your Pool Pro Professional can advise you on the Pool Pro Chlorinator suitable for your pool.


Using 20kg bags of Pool Pro Salt

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