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What does my Pool Pro Professional need to know?

  1. What size is your pool? Measure width, length and depth if known.

  2. How much water is in your pool? See FAQ How Do I Calculate How Much Water Is In My Pool?

  3. What is the Interior surface? Vinyl Lined, Tiled, Pebble, Painted, Marblesheen/Concrete, Fibreglass Resin.

  4. What Brand and Model is your pump? What is the hp (horse power) of your pump?

  5. What type of filter do you have? Cartridge, Sand, or Diatomaceous Earth.

  6. What Brand is your filter?

Take your Pool Pro Water Sample Bottle with about 500ml of water to your Pool Pro Professional who will perform a complete water test for you. This test is FREE! Take the test water from about the depth from you hand to your elbow. Not off the top of the water.

Make sure you do not leave the water in your vehicle for any length of time. If the water gets hot or has been left for days in your car, you will not get a true test result.

If you do not already have a Pool Pro Water Sample Bottle ask your Pool Pro Professional for one. You can keep it especially for pool water tests.

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